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TOPmanager® – an electronic management system

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TOPmanager® is a smart and user-friendly solution for managing documents, deviations, improvement proposals and recurring tasks – for example calibration, statutory inspections, service and maintenance, etc. TOPmanager® also contains a module for risk analysis, an HR module for managing employees’ competencies, anniversaries, professional and personal goals, an Audit module and an Infoboard for knowledge sharing, electronic noticeboard and goal management. Get a quick insight into TOPmanager® here (movie from Youtube).

Documents are e.g. your processes, procedures, instructions, quality specifications, job descriptions and forms. All managerial procedures within your organization.

Primary target group for TOPmanager®

The software has been developed and targeted to meet the needs of an electronic management system within all types of organizations.

In organizations with more than 1,000 active users, we have the opportunity to offer special setups. A special setup can be made on a separate web hotel just as there may be other options. Contact us to find out more on +45 56 29 72 36.

If you need to enter a large number of users, we have the opportunity to help you or we can offer to convert your employee data into a data file, which our programmers are able to load into TOPmanager®. If you are in doubt, contact us on +45 56 29 72 36.

TOPmanager® has been developed by people with many years of practical experience from quality management and LEAN

TOPmanager® has been developed by people who are trained Lead Auditors and have more than 30 years of practical experience within management systems. These experienced consultants know if anyone what requirements a management system must meet to be intuitive to the users, easy to work with, function effectively and have sufficient “transparency” to create trust within the organization.

WEB-based solution

TOPmanager® is a web-based management system. No matter where in the world you are, you can log in to your management system via your browser. The system can be displayed in reputable browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. We do not recommend you to use Internet Explorer as this browser will no longer be updated after 2015. The system is optimized for Google Chrome, so we recommend this browser to take full advantage of all functionalities. The system is located on a hosted web hotel. Backup is taken several times a day.

Computers, Tablets and Smartphones
The program can be used on all devices able to maneuver on the Internet. Due to the information contained in the management system, we recommend that you use a computer or tablet.

The advantages of TOPmanager®
The software program contains various elements that all speak together. When working in TOPmanager®, you will experience easy control of:

  • Documents and automatic version control
  • Opportunity to work with flow diagrams in the documents
  • Electronic registration and processing of deviations
  • Electronic registration and processing of improvement proposals.
  • Integrated risk analyzes – opportunity to work with 4 different models
  • Task Manager – for managing recurring tasks such as calibration of equipment, service, statutory inspections, maintenance, employee development interviews, contract negotiations, etc.
  • You can work with 4 document types/levels: Procedures, Instructions, Section Documents and Quality Specifications.
  • Easy creation of templates for business procedures, instructions, organization plans, job descriptions, quality specifications and other documents.
  • A good design module so that the management system making it easy to adapt the system to the company’s corporate identity.
  • References to ISO standards making easy to establish cross-references to check whether all requirements in the standards are covered.
  • A management system available in several language versions (Danish, English, German and Swedish).
  • Search function that searches across business procedures, instructions, deviations and improvement proposals, in the Task Manager and on file names in the uploaded documentation.
  • Opportunity for extracting a comprehensive summary, detailed overview reports and various information.
  • 4 different user levels: superuser, user, guest and infoboard. Each user level has established rights and options to add additional authorities at user level.
  • Opportunity of creating an unlimited number of user groups – e.g. groups for employees in “Sales”, “Purchasing”, “Marketing” etc.
  • Opportunity to send drafts for consultation for managing comments before publication.
  • Opportunity to send documents in training and establishment of training history
  • HR module with opportunities to manage competences, education and training, results from employee development interviews, etc.
  • Opportunity to manage and initiate individual tasks with employees, e.g. follow-up on the effectiveness of initiated education and training activities, employee development interviews, etc.
  • Possibility to manage consent statements (GDPR) and maintain an overview of consent statements from users etc.
  • Smart infoboard with electronic noticeboard, absence overview, goal management, report display and page display of photos and movies.
  • Browser-based management system providing access to the management system no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet.
  • Detailed guides in several languages, supported with good graphics, on all features.
  • The software has been validated.
  • Hotline – all days of the week.
  • A management system that is intuitive thus making it easy to work with.

It is easy to register a deviation in TOPmanager®. Only a few clicks and the deviation is registered and becomes part of the system. All deviations are assigned a unique number. As creation is easy, the incentive is great for all employees to enter deviations that they or any another employee can work on. Superusers have the opportunity to enter different types of deviations, different fault categories, different departments, etc. Deviations may have different status depending on how far the deviations are in the processing. We work with the following categories:

  • Created
  • In progress
  • Pending
  • Completed – ready for follow-up
  • Closed and followed up

Improvement proposals
Registration and management of improvement proposals is essential for everyone in the organization, so that any proposal can be assessed systematically and the company’s management can decide whether the proposal should be implemented or what should be done with the idea. In TOPmanager® it is easy to register improvement proposals. A few clicks and the improvement proposal is registered and becomes part of the system. All proposals are assigned a unique number. Since creation is easy, the incentive is great for all employees to enter improvements. All improvement proposals can be directed to one or more recipients within the organization. Improvement proposals may have different status depending on how far the proposals are in the processing.

We work with the following categories:

  • Created
  • In progress
  • Pending
  • Completed – ready for follow-up
  • Closed and followed up

Task Manager
Task Manager is a tool for managing recurring activities within the company, e.g. calibration of measuring equipment, service and maintenance of machines, statutory inspection of ladders, cable drums and other things that require statutory inspection, inspection of buildings and equipment and much more. In Task Manager, data cards are created for each individual activity/tool and then calibrations, checks or other can be registered. Task Manager provides you with an overview of when the most recent registration has taken place and when the next registration should be made. Files can also be associated with each individual registration, e.g. a measurement report, service report or documentation from an external supplier.

Audit module
The audit module contains management of Lead Auditors, Auditors and Audit Trainees, determination of frames for internal and external audits, detailed programs, audit plans, standard checklists, turtle diagrams and audit reports.

It is easy to enter deviations and improvement suggestions while writing the audit report.

You have the opportunity to build your own standard checklists with questions that you often use. When you create your own standard checklists, you can choose to start with TOPmanager®’s standard checklist containing 24 questions, several of which consist of several in-depth questions. In total, the TOPmanager® standard checklist contains 64 conditions that make good sense to uncover.

It is also easy for you to remove or add questions from the original TOPmanager® standard checklist and then make the custom list your own standard checklist.

In the checklist, you have the option of assigning a score (+2, +1, -1, -2) for the answer to each of the questions. Once all the questions have been reviewed, you can get an overall score on the experience of the answer in the individual checklist.

The “Score” option is especially suitable for those audits where you uncover similar conditions and thus can compare different situations, e.g. for audits at subcontractors, for audits in comparable departments, etc.

References to the requirements, processes and documents of ISO standards
In checklists and audit reports, you have the opportunity to refer to the requirements of the ISO standards, to your processes and/or to the company’s version-controlled documents.

Cross-reference matrix
The requirements in the most commonly used ISO standards are part of TOPmanager® and as a customer you will be associated with the standard or standards that you use in your quality management system. When you upload or revise your business procedures and instructions, you have the option of associating the relevant sections of the standard with each individual business procedure. Under the menu item “Extract” you can get an overview of cross-references compared to your business procedures, which provides a quick overview and awareness of which sections of the standard may not yet be covered by your company’s management system.

The HR-module makes it easy to manage your employees’ competences. Each user (employee) has a data card containing relevant information on the employee, e.g. address, names and telephone numbers of relatives, equipment supplied, professional goals and personal goals. Diplomas, recommendations, etc. can be uploaded. As a customer you decide whether you want to use the HR-module. If you want to exploit the opportunities provided by the HR-module, you will have access to the module. If you do not want to use the HR-module you will not have access to this feature and thus it does not create “noise” in the display of the front page.

Access to employee data cards
Upon creation the concepts “Manager” and “HR manager” are defined. These functions will always have access to all data cards. Thus “Manager” and “‘HR manager” are considered to be at an overall level.    “Direktør” og “HR-ansvarlig” betragtes således som værende på et overordnet niveau. The “Director” or “HR Manager” assigns personnel responsibilities to other employees and thereafter the department heads have the rights to view data cards of their own employees. The HR manager can give permission for the individual employee to see his or her own data card.

Competencies – professional and social competencies
The HR manager determines the professional competence level as well as the level of the social competences. The professional competencies are divided into a number of sub-processes, which are defined by super users and the level is determined next to the individual sub-processes. 

TOPmanager® has defined a number of social competencies that can be used, but it is possible for the customer to define their own social competencies. The company may have a number of values that are essential to work with and this is possible with the HR module.

Competence matrix
A competence matrix can be extracted on all users (with the exception of guest levels), where the individual values are converted into colors.

Extended competence matrix
“Director”, “HR manager” and department heads have the rights to extract an extended competence matrix with all relevant information about the employees – including age, seniority, department head, professional competencies and social competencies. This overview can be extracted at department level or for a selection of departments.

All users (except guest level users) can extract a list of birthdays and anniversaries. The birthdays and anniversaries that are to be displayed on the list are determined by the superusers.

TOPmanager® contains a smart infoboard where you can determine individual views for users and on info screens around the company. Each info screen is created as an individual user and thus provides individual opportunities for views. Info screens only show the infoboard and cannot be used to surf around the rest of the management system.

The Infoboardet contains the following elements:

  • Absence overview
  • Electronic noticeboard
  • Marquee displaying anniversaries
  • Goal management
  • Overview of recent improvements
  • Overview of recent deviations
  • Summary of the last 90 days.

Absence overview
You can create up to 5 different absence categories, e.g. Unplanned absence, Time off, Customer visits and Courses. These are just examples – opportunities are up to you. It can also be used for who is working in which departments today etc. This feature, like all other features, can be switched on and off in the view on the individual infoboard.

Electronic noticeboard
This will be the tool for the company’s future information sharing. All users are given the opportunity to publish notices on the board. Notices can be scheduled and published at set times, just as all notices are archived. This is where employees find relevant information about what is happening in the company. Examples of notices can be a new large customer, customer visit in the house, Notice of meeting, Relocation of an AMO meeting, Exhibition in the art association, hiring a new employee … etc. It is only the imagination that sets limits. This feature, like all other features, can be switched on and off in the display on the individual infoboard.

Marquee displaying anniversaries
Names of employees celebrating their birthday or anniversary are displayed in a marquee on the front of the infoboard. This feature, like all other features, can be switched on and off in the display on the individual infoboard.

Goal management
Here you can display all relevant goals of the organization. Select how many goals you want to display. Each goal can contain up to 12 records and you can choose from different graphical views of the goal (bar, pie or line chart). Goal management can, for example, be used to display revenue, number of deviations, influx of new customers, registration of near-events, spills and scraps, etc. This feature, like all other features, can be switched on and off in the display on the individual infoboard.

Overview of recent improvements
The last 13 improvements are displayed in an overview briefly showing the registration date and the beginning of the improvement. The overview contains links to the individual improvements. This feature, together with the display of deviations and summary, can be switched on and off in the display on the individual infoboard.

Overview of recent deviations
The last 13 deviations are displayed in an overview briefly showing the registration date and the beginning of the deviation. The overview contains links to the individual deviations. This feature, together with the display of improvements and summaries, can be switched on and off in the display on the individual infoboard.

Summary – 90 days
Summary is a report that contains a large number of details about the number of deviations, costs in connection with the deviations, reasons for the errors and information about the departments in which the deviations have occurred. The summary also contains information on the efficiency/speed of processing the deviations. There is a nice graphic display in the summary. This feature, together with the display of improvements and deviations, can be switched on and off in the display on the individual infoboard.

Language versions
You will be created as a new customer with the agreed language version. However, we can easily change the language version for you thus changing all software headings to the selected language – even if you are well on your way to using the software in the company. You also have the opportunity to develop your own language version of TOPmanager® – for example Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish or French.

TOPmanager® is currently available in the following language versions:

  • Danish
  • English
  • German
  • Swedish

Contact us
If you are interested in learning more about TOPmanager®, please contact us by email or call us on +45 56 29 72 36. We can answer your questions over the phone or arrange a non-committal meeting with you, where you can see the program and get a feeling of the opportunities for you and your business.